Taisen Deshimaru Books

Taisen Deshimaru books are concise and precise manuals how to practice Za-Zen. All Taisen Deshimaru books with book covers and short descriptions.

Zen & budo

This text is the result of an introductory lecture on Zen and martial arts given by Deshimaru. It recalls the filiation between Zen and Budo, both leading to the awakening of the mind and deepening the relationship between meditation and action.


This book by Taisen Deshimaru answers pressing questions and provides vital instruction and inspiration for both beginner or long-time Zen practitioners and those using meditation as part of their spiritual path.

The Zen Way to Martial Arts

This book by Taisen Deshimaru contains a series of lessons, question-and-answer sessions, and koans that provide practical wisdom for all students of the martial arts as well as for the general reader interested in Zen.

Zen & Karma

This book contains the pure Taisen Deshimaru vintage-teaching. Uniquely, it is one of the few Zen books treating the subject of karma, a principle deeply entrenched in Hindu and some Buddhist traditions, but rarely taught within Zen.

Mushotoku Mind

Mushotoku mind means an attitude of no profit, no gain. It is the core of Taisen Deshimaru's Zen. This book presents his brilliant commentary on the most renowned of Buddhist texts, the Heart Sutra.

Questions to a Zen Master

Within this book Taisen Deshimaru offers practical suggestions for developing unitary mind-body consciousness through the principles of zazen (translated literally as "seated meditation").